Schwanheimer Düne © Stefan Cop

Schwanheimer Düne

One of the few inland dunes in Europe

A boardwalk leads visitors through the prettiest areas of nature protection area Schwanheimer Dune. One of the few inland dunes in Europe, the area dates back to the end of the last ice age. It was formed by sand blown from the bed of the River Main, which was then still very wide.

Later, the grey dune plant community typical of inland dunes developed and is still there today. It is extremely rare and ecologically valuable. Its representatives include grey hair grass, shepherd’s cress and thrift. A few gnarled pine trees also grow on the sparse sandy soil, their strange shape reminding us of distant coastal areas. The Schwanheimer Dune covers slightly more than 58 hectares and is a designated nature conservation area and protected natural habitat.


  • Golden oriole © NABU, Foto: Hans Pollin
  • Thrift © Andreas Malten