What you can do!

Improving the air in Frankfurt

Travelling in the city

Make use of the extensive public transport network. That means no more hunting around for a parking space – and less environmental pollution.

A convenient alternative to using your car in the inner city area is to make use of Park and Ride facilities, which are often free of charge.

Use your bicycle. Bicycles are now being used for 14 per cent of all journeys in the Frankfurt inner city area.

Short journeys can also be completed on foot.

Using your car

When you buy a new car, make sure that it complies with the best Euro standards. A low-consumption vehicle also means fewer exhaust fumes. The VCD provides a list of the most environmentally friendly vehicles:


Car pooling

You can use the free Rhine-Main commuter network (Pendlernetz) to offer and look for lifts.



When shopping, look out for local produce with lower transportation requirements.