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Frankfurt’s economy, with its 43,000 companies, stands out through its wide diversity: industry and craftsmen, the financial and insurance sectors, logistics, the creative industry, IT and telecommunications are particularly well represented and many smaller companies exist alongside internationally-operating concerns. Local, regional and international networking and value creation chains interact. This diversity and the city’s significant development potential are the major strengths of the economic location as well as a reliable anchor for stability, even in times of crisis.

Developed over the last four years with a high level of participation from numerous stakeholders, the “Masterplan Industrie“ aims to strengthen the manufacturing industries in the long term and promote economic diversity and competitiveness.

Frankfurt, a traffic hub and central internet exchange point in the centre of Europe, is closely linked to an unparalleled infrastructure which provides an excellent foundation for a modern, innovative, urban economy.

Networking production and services are just as vital for sustainable location development as infrastructure extension. 

Creating and consuming local products and services stimulates economic cycles at a local level, optimise demand and make an important contribution to reducing traffic and emissions, also within the city.

The close collaboration between companies in Frankfurt and regional universities and research institutes facilitates the development of creative ideas and innovations. The city is specifically promoting this exchange with the Frankfurt Biotechnology Innovation Centre (FIZ) and other infrastructure projects, such as intelligent logistics concepts. It is, after all, the economy, with all its innovations and technologies, which produces sustainable solutions for societal challenges in environmental and climate protection, health, communications and mobility.

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