Gourmet pleasures at your door

Promoting regional products

Locally produced food has many advantages. It only travels short distances to reach the consumer and can be enjoyed freshly-harvested during the season. This is true of both conventionally and organically grown products. Choosing these regional products supports the local farmer.

About 3,700 hectares, or approximately 15 percent of Frankfurt’s urban area, are used for agriculture and gardening. Frankfurt promotes regional products with events, brochures and Internet offers which present Frankfurt’s farm products and give information about regional and organic products as well as helpful tips on, for example, where these products can be bought.

Direct marketing of regional products

The producer market on the Konstablerwache has been Frankfurt’s weekly market for over 25 years, offering exclusively regional products directly from the producer. The market not only gives numerous farmers from the Rhön and Rheinhessen an economic basis, it helps maintain social structures which would otherwise be unable to combat the current trend of economic concentration. The weekly market, with its short distances between producer and consumer.

Finding offers, products and commodities from the Region

The brochure “Frisch von Feld and Hof in Frankfurt am Main“ promotes the marketing of locally-produced foodstuffs. It is published by the Frankfurt Economic Development GmbH and the Office of the Environment and lists farm shops, self-harvesting offers and Frankfurt’s weekly markets. 

“Markets in Frankfurt am Main“, a leaflet published by Frankfurt‘s Managementgesellschaft für Hafen und Märkte mbH, (harbours and markets) lists Frankfurt’s weekly markets in a well-organised city map and shows how to reach consumer, also promotes an ecological approach to agriculture and marketing strategies. 

„Nachhaltig Leben“ at www.frankfurt-greencity.de provides an extensive list of links with ideas and suggestions on how to make our daily lives more sustainable. What, for example, is the impact of personal food consumption on the environment, animals and the climate: “Eating and Drinking“ is one of twelve headings presenting everyday alternatives to entrenched attitudes and mentalities.

Frankfurt’s farmers, hands-on

Every year at the Berger Animal Show, Frankfurt’s farmers present animals and crops from the region. The event, which traditionally takes place on the first Tuesday in September in Bergen-Enkheim, is organised by the Frankfurt Economic Development GmbH and can be traced back to an earlier district animal show, where animal breeders displayed their breeding skills. At the 44th Berger Animal Show in 2015, 15 exhibitors presented horses, cattle, pigs, sheep and small animals etc. as well as fruit and vegetables. The MainÄppelHaus’ apple juice press contributed to the success of the Show as did Bergen-Enkheim‘s fire brigade which supplied the visitors with food and drink. This year the Show attracted 1,800 visitors.

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